Meet our Africa Safari Team

Feline Safaris is a team of experienced persons working together for many years, each one of us has a different professional background and specialty in the travel and tourism industry. Hence we have all one thing in common: we stepped in this venture more than five years ago with a passion for wildlife and conservation and became all field guides, well trained with on-site experience. We are totally committed to our clients and we strongly believe that a Wildlife Safari is an experience of a lifetime for our clients and that our mission is to make the most out of it!

All of our staff are trained to the highest standard and our guides have years of experience of guiding on Tanzania Safaris and setting up camping safaris and walking safaris all throughout Southern Tanzania. Every guide is fluent in Kiswahili and English.

So from your first contact with Feline Safaris, through to your arrival in the country, right through your Tanzania safari and back to your point of departure, you can be confident that our entire team is working to ensure that your Tanzania safari with us will be a once in a lifetime experience.

Our Safari Guides

Our guides are renowned as one of the best professional guides within the Tanzanian Safari industry. Most of our guides started a career as young activity guides, taking guests on bike rides, walks, night game drives, canoeing and cultural tours. It gave them exceptional training in all the smaller wonders of the bush easily missed from within a vehicle. Also being exposed to many different guests, personalities and cultures gave them excellent social skills. This understanding of both the environment and people makes for fantastic guides.

We offer countless kinds of guides and support staff during our mountain climbs and safaris. During a standard or luxury safari, explore Tanzania’s parks with Feline Safaris guide; or during a budget camping safari, travel with both a driver-guide and chef.

Our Mountain Climbing Guides

Our team responsible in Mountain trekking is equally diverse and responsible for all Feline Safaris mountain treks and climbs, be it Mount Meru, Mount Kilimanjaro or the Ngorongoro Highlands. All in all, the team in Moshi ensures seamless and safe trekking, from the start to the summit and back. Prior to every trekking, our guests receive a full briefing by our operations team. The route, safety procedures and health issues will be discussed in detail and there will be time for asking questions. Furthermore, the trekking gear will be inspected carefully to ensure that everything is ready and safe.

Sales & Marketing team

Our experienced sales team of safari committed consultants and support staff are trained to the highest standards. We pride ourselves to respond to incoming emails and calls within one working day. To create the perfect holidays for you, we try to get to know you and your companions, your travel background and your desires. How many guests will be travelling at what time of the year? What is your budget? Are you an adventurous camping fan or do you rather prefer a proper bed and a bathroom to yourself? Which accommodation standard suits you? Are there specific parks or areas you want to visit? Do you have any special travel focus? What is your fitness level? Do you strive to climb Mount Kilimanjaro or do you rather prefer a leisurely day hike? Maybe you want to end your tour with a few days at the beach?

Whether you are looking for a scheduled departure camping trip or for a specific tailor-made fly-in safari to the highlights of Tanzania, our sales team will be able to assist you.

An absolutely unforgettable safari or trek wouldn’t be possible without the work of a fantastic staff here in Tanzania. We’re lucky to work with over experts throughout northern Tanzania, making sure every Feline Safaris trip is the trip of a lifetime.