Immunization / Health.     


All travelers are require to truthfully fill in an online Traveler’s Surveillance Form available at within 24 hours before arrival to Tanzania.

All travelers, are require to present a negative COVID-19 test certificate upon arrival, the test should be based on Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) using sample collected within 72 hours before arrival to Tanzania.

All traveler entering or leaving the United Republic of Tanzania, will be subjected to enhanced screening for COVID-19 infection include to a rapid test for those arriving from countries with high number of COVID-19 cases, the coast is 25 USD per person.

All travelers arriving from countries with new COVID 19 variants based on WHO daily updated or those who have travelled through those countries in the last 14 days regardless of route taken shall be subjected to rapid test at point of entry followed by 14 days mandatory quarantine at their own coasts.

travelers subjected  for mandatory quarantine shall choose a place from the list designated by the Government. also whose on transit in other countries more than 72 hours will be required to be re-tested by rapid test upon arrival in Tanzania.

While in the country should adhere to infection prevention and control measure such as hand hygiene mask wearing and physical distance as deemed appropriate.

Other Certificates.

 As from 2008 an International Certificates of Vaccination for Yellow fever. Is now an administrative requirement for entry to Tanzania. The following vaccinations are commonly advised by UK GPs & are best administered when detailed below. Vaccinations for East Africa travel is updated regularly by the WHO. Your local healthcare practice will usually up to date list. Consult them for help.

 YELLOW FEVER  10 days before traveling

HEPATITIS A 2 weeks before traveling

TYPHOID 10 days before traveling.

 ANT-MALARIAL (prophylactics) for Tanzania, It’s important for visitors to take a course of ant- malarial-treatment ahead of their departure.  Modern medical services are available in most towns. In rural areas chemists are limited, we advise you to bring some medicines with you.


 Cost areas are hot & humid with an average day time temperature of 30 Centigrade. See breezes make the clement very pleasant from June to September. The central plateau it’s hot in days & cool nights. Highly altitude between cost & northern highlands has pleasant climate between January & September, with temperature averaging around twenty centigrade. Temperatures vary around Kilimanjaro according to seasons, registered law temperature 10 centigrade, during May –> August. Rising to 22 centigrade December —> March. For the whole country, October to February is the hottest months in the country. The long rain season start mid—-march to May. Tanzania weather ( weather (

What To Take On Safari/Voyage.   

Electrical; Bring good camera lenses, memory cards with big GB. Camera charger, adapter. Carry binoculars, torch. Batteries are available in most shops in towns, still bring spare with you, they may be more expensive here than home, the main electricity supply is 220v, 50Hz. Plugs are usually the 13–amp-3pin square(British)type. Our 4 x 4 are also supply 220v for recharging cameras.

 Precautions to follow while at the National Parks

We advise our guests while on National Parks to keep distance from animals and be quite to avoid distressing them.  Always follow instruction of your guide, do not leave 4 x 4 in the parks except in designated places. It is wise to spend more days in National parks will provide more chances for seeing more wildlife.

What to wear.             

 We recommending our guests to carry lightweight clothing, it never gets real cold except Ngorongoro in the night and early morning. In other place it can be chilly in morning, park a sweater. Avoid brightly color clothes, they may alarm animals & may also attracting testes flies, Khaki, browns, beiges are preferred, short–sleeve shirts/blouses & shorts are recommended during safaris or while climbing Oldonyo Lengai mountain.

For Mt. Kilimanjaro and Meru trekking, Carry thermal underwear’s, rain jacket, good socks & sturdy boots, hut, sun glasses, gloves. On summit of Kilimanjaro temperature lows to -minus.  Climbing Oldonyo Lengai mountain do not need thermal clothes, still carry good boots, hut, sun glasses, short sleeve clothes, and jacket, sun lotion, lip balm and repellent.

In cost area are Muslims territories, we advise girls not to wear very short clothes in towns except at the beaches, the language spoken in Tanzania is Swahili, English is also widely spoken


Everyone is allowed to import no more than $10,000, for security reasons there no essential purposes of carrying big amount of money, there is banks and ATM Machines in most towns,  ATM provide Tanzanian shillings, and not more than 400$ in 24hrs, no any currency declaration is required, but import and export of Tanzanian currency is illegal. Most currencies, particularly US Dollars, stealing pounds & Euros are convictable at banks & bureau DE change in main towns and tourist areas. Credit cards mainly visa and Master card are general accepted in larger establishments. Cash are accepted in most places except in National Parks.

International Flight to Tanzania.

KILIMANJARO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT-CODE- JRO  International flights. KLM Royal Dutch Air lines from Amsterdam –> Nairobi (Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO) –> Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) –> Dar es Salam Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR).

KLM Flights direct from Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro(JRO)

Turkish Airline  to Kilimanjaro(JRO),

Qatar Airlines   to Kilimanjaro(JRO),

Air France   to Kilimanjaro(JRO),

 Ethiopian Airlines   to Kilimanjaro(JRO)

Kenya Airways    London –>Nairobi —-> Kilimanjaro(JRO)

Swiss flights  from Zurich to Dar es salaam.

 Busy months such as July, August & December will make it harder to find affordable flights to(JRO) Kilimanjaro Airport. Feline safaris recommending you to buy your Air ticket in advance.

Getting to Arusha using other Gate way;  if unable to find affordable flight to Kilimanjaro Airport (JRO) the other alternative is to fly to Kenya Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and connect a flight to Kilimanjaro(JRO). Some Air companies flying to Jomo Kenyatta Kenya then connect to Kilimanjaro International Airport. Or connect flight from Jomo Kenyatta to Kilimanjaro by Air Company mentioned below if the one you are flying with is not going to Kilimanjaro.-Kenya Airways, precision Air 


Most visitors require visas with exception of certain countries of commonwealth. It’s advisable to obtain them from Embassies and high Commissions as several airlines insist of them prior to departure. If you  flying first to Kenya is possible to purchase your tourist visa at the Airport when you land, and it’s mult-entry basis for Kenya, on your way back from Arusha to Nairobi you can use same visa going through Kenya.  Perhaps you traveling by shuttle bus from Nairobi to Arusha Tanzania visa can be purchase at Namanga Gate on Tanzania / Kenya border.

Option flying from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to Kilimanjaro International Airport  you can purchase your Tanzania visa on desk at the Airport.  Requirements may change, Feline safaris Tanzania ltd recommending our clients to double check, who needs visa to Tanzania; before departing to Tanzania.


JRO if arriving to Kilimanjaro International Airport.

Namanga if you arriving by shuttle from Nairobi.


 We recommending our clients to tip the crews at the end of the services, not normal obligatory but for exceptional services-maximum of 10% will be appreciable.    25$ per day for driver guide.  20$ per day for a cook if you going camping safari.

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