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Bush life Experience with Feline Safaris

Your dream safari should be a reflection of your interests. At Feline Safaris we try make your interest a priority. East Africa is filled with “once in a lifetime” and “bucket list” experiences. From scenic boat rides to hot air balloon flights over the vast plains of the Serengeti. East African safari adventures come in all shapes and sizes, from family friendly bird watching to thrill seeking Kilimanjaro treks.

Serengeti / Tarangire Hot Air Balloon Safaris

Balloon safaris provide an opportunity to exhibit nature from the sky. You will notice wildlife and their trails that are impossible to see from the ground.

After a sunrise flight, you will celebrate your morning with a traditional breakfast. Keep in mind that it is not a private flight; the balloon could take between 15 and 18 passengers.

Breakfast is prepared in the bush and served under a canopied tree, thereafter, you are taken to meet with your driver guide and continue your day’s activities.

Bird Watching Safari

The best bird watching spots are the National parks and game reserves at the southern and coastal regions of Tanzania.

We provide bird watching tours for individuals,  private groups and professional photographers. Our guides are highly trained in ornithology. Tanzania is a hot destination and bird watching with its more than 1100 bird species.

Walking Safari

Let’s go off the beaten paths onto the trails. Walking safaris are a great way to feel hugged by nature. We will explore the evergreen forests and highlands and discuss the wilderness around us. 

Walking safaris within the national parks will be accompanied by an armed ranger. We will be in remote areas that are not occupied by aggressive wild animals to ensure our safety.

Traditional & premium Accomodations

We offer both traditional canvas tent camping and luxury hotel and resort lodging. Please be sure to inform us of any request or concerns. 


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Cultural Tours

Cultural Tours allow travelers to experience a taste of everyday life in Tanzania. With more that 100 different tribes and more than 130 different languages Tanzania is a very colorful place to be. The traditional foods, music and festivities will keep you busy and amazed. Visit the Bushmen-Hadzabe or the Datoga of Lake Eyas. Karibu!

The Great Migration Safaris

We have been following the movements of the Wildebeests within the Serengeti ecosystem for ages. Today we know when the annual migration will occur.

The Serengeti ecosystem covers about 40,000 square kilometers. We can carefully plan your safari to include sightings of the Great Migration herds. The Mara River sits dozens of hungry crocodiles awaiting masses of wildebeests to stumble across. The southern plains, center valley, western corridor woodland and the Mara river are great places to witness migration activities.

Kenya & Tanzania Safaris

Our expeditions lead beyond Tanzania’s borders. We provide our guests the opportunity to encounter the pristine east African terrain.  From Amboseli National Park that most adventurers dream about, to a boat ride in the fresh-water lake Naivasha. A spectacular alkaline-based Lake called Nakuru sits along the Great Rift Valley. The Maasai Mara National Game reserve is a natural habitat that is great for photography. As well as sightings of diverse bird species.

Although we come from many different ethnic groups in East Africa we speak one language of love for our natural environment.

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