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Frequently Asked Question

We get it! Travel is a big decision. When planning a holiday safari of the African wilderness it is good to know you’re being guided by someone who has understanding of the bush. Along with accommodation request and travel safety guidelines, we strived to offer well-informed answers to your questions. The same goes for when you are out on safari; the right guide can uncover the mysteries of the wild and give great survival tips when encountering nature.

We want you to experience this extraordinary continent, with its stunning scenery, colorful cultures, local cuisine and of course, amazing wildlife. Our founder born and raised near Mt. Kilimanjaro knows the terrain of East Africa very well. 

We are excited to help plan your dream trip to Africa. Our knowledge and experiences are invaluable as we have traveled and guided extensively through East Africa. We are adventurous spirits. We welcome you to explore!

Anytime of the year is good to visit Africa. Preferably the dry season is the best time to see wildlife, from June to November.

The rhythm of each season is different.

  • June till November The best time to witness the wildebeest at the northern Serengeti woodland.
  • July / September Offers chances for see herds of wildebeest at the Mara river crossing.
  • June  / October Great time to exhibit mass wildlife in the Tarangire, and other species in the Ngorongoro and Lake Manyara park.
  • December / March Wildebeest Migration at Ndutu plains.
  • January / February Wildebeest calving, breeding season at southern Serengeti and Ndutu plains.
  • April / May Rain fall and the low season rates apply.

Every safari trip is customized to your needs, and pricing will vary depending on several factors such as length of stay, accommodations and destination.

We will provide necessary information about vaccinations and malaria prevention when you book your safari. Malaria is a serious disease but with the proper preventatives this issue can greatly be avoided. We strive to travel to malaria-free areas as much as possible. Wash your hands frequently, cover exposed skin with insect repellent. If you are concerned, check with your physician or local health department.

Food and water will be provided by Feline Safari Tanzania Limited™ and the lodging accommodations as per your itinerary. 

On your safari you will experience animals in their natural surroundings. Remember, you are in their habitat. Your guides will let you know the safe distance in every situation. Be sure to listen to your guides and follow their instructions at all times.

Every item you put in your suitcase should serve a purpose and should pair with other clothes easily. Zip-off pants that convert into shorts are ideal. Waterproof shoes and clothing. Clothing that is appropriate for hiking in high altitudes.  Don’t forget protection from the sun: sunglasses, a good sun hat, and sun block. Strong insect repellent. You will receive a detailed packing list when you book with Feline Safaris Tanzania Limited™.

We suggest at least six months in advance if possible. Especially if you desire to  travel from June through October.

This is high time because the weather is dry and the great migration occurs.

The best currency to travel with is the U.S. dollar and the European euro. Each east African country have their own currency, but most countries accept the U.S. dollar.

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