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Whether you're looking for a honeymoon safari, cultural tours, wildlife safaris or walking safari, Feline planner of travel. Nowhere else on earth has an abundance of majestic wildlife, magnificent scenery, and hospitable people as Africa has. There is a truly magical quality and indescribable energy about Africa, and you'll feel it as soon as you step foot on African soil.

Throughout the year, but dry season is the best time to see wildlife, from June to November.

The rhythm of each season is different.

  • June till November is best time to explore wildebeest at the northern Serengeti woodland,
  • July / September offers chances for seen herds of wildebeest at the Mara river crossing.
  • June  / October is great time to exhibit mass wildlife in the Tarangire, and other game species in the Ngorongoro and Lake Manyara park.
  • December / March wildebeest Migration  wondering at Ndutu plains.
  • January / February is wildebeest calving season at southern Serengeti and Ndutu plains.
  • April / May rain fall and the low season rates apply.

Every safari trip is customized to your needs, and pricing will vary depending on several factors such as length of stay, accommodations and destination.

We provide necessary information about vaccinations and malaria prevention when you book your safari. We won't minimize the fact that malaria is a serious disease. However, it is not as common as you might think, the oral preventative is very effective, and we strive to travel to malaria-free areas as much as possible. Take the same precautions on your safari vacation as you would while camping. Wash your hands frequently, cover exposed skin, and use insect repellent. If you are concerned, check with your physician or local health department.

Your accommodations will be sheer luxury. Not only is the water safe and filtered, but the cuisine will also be among some of the best you've ever tasted.

On your safari with Feline Safaris, you experience animals in their natural surroundings. Remember, you are in their habitat. Your guides will know how close you can safely go, as they are very aware of the animals' body language, habits, and personalities. Be sure to listen to your guides, and follow their instructions at all times.

Every item you put in your suitcase should serve a purpose and should pair with other clothes easily. Zip-off pants that convert into shorts are ideal. Reversible and neutral-colored clothing is versatile, but stay away from white, pink, red, and yellow. Don't forget protection from the sun: sunglasses, a good sun hat, and sun block. You'll receive detailed packing information when you book your Feline Safaris, but the following is a good guide for clothing; 2 pairs of long, casual pants, 2–4 pairs of shorts, 7–10 shirts (a mixture of long-sleeve and short-sleeve), sweaters, thick jacket, Hiking boots for walking safaris and game drives, flip-flops or waterproof shoes for canoe, 1 cocktail dress or lightweight suit, 1–2 bathing suits, 1 light rain jacket and Clean underwear for each day.

We customize every itineraries for our clients, we listen to their wants and needs, incorporate them into the itineraries and then present clients with Feline Safaris that perfectly fits their budget, time frame, and travel tastes.

We request a lead time for your tour of at least six months if possible, especially if you are traveling from June through October.

When travelling with Feline Safaris, the best currencies to travel with are the U.S. dollar and the European euro. Depending on which countries you visit, you may wish to purchase other currency. Each east African country have their own currency, but most countries accept the U.S. dollar.

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