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Cultural Tours

Our cultural tours give you a chance to learn about the awe-inspiring oral traditions of many fascinating tribes. Learn to hunt with the highly skilled Bushman.  You will share experiences with the locals and establish new friendships. Let us provide you with a memorable adventure with cultural festivities. Tuko pamoja! We are one!

The Masaai

Maasai are a Nilotic ethnic group nestled in Kenya and Tanzania. Famous for their herding and warrior skills. For the Maasai, cattle are their prize livestock providing food and natural materials; other foods they get through bartering.  The Maasai speak Maa a language that is related to the Nilos Saharan family. The vitality of their traditions is expressed in everything from ornate ceremonial attire to pulsating dance rhythms. They also possess refined artistry and community spirit. In particular, the Maasai ethnic group stand out against the rest for their energy and distinctiveness.

The Datooga

The Nilotic speaking ethical group, the Datooga, express themselves through Tatooga. The nickname comes from the tattoos made around their eyes.

Their origin is thought to be in west Ethiopia or South Sudan and later moved more south to today’s Tanzania’s Lake Eyasi. Today they have scattered across the country and even beyond borders. They resemble Maasai in their ways of living, men carry spears and raise cattle for a living. Meat, milk, animal fat, animal blood, horns, animal tendons and cow dung all have practical or ritual purposes.

They also practice polygamy with several wives ranked in order of marriage. Women wear gowns they make from animal skins. tattoos around eyes and some cultural jewelries cover their bodies.


The Hadzabe

The Hadzabe are an indigenous tribe, famed for their Bushman skills. A small ethnic group of full-time hunter/ gatherers located at Lake Eyasi in Tanzania. The Hadzabe are not closely genetically related to any other tribe.

Their language resembles the click languages of other bushman further south in the Kalahari. A bushman cultural tour with Feline Safaris will give you a chance to experience their authentic way of life. Bushman are morning hunters with bows and arrows, honey gathering, wild roots fruits and traditional dance. These are all activities of the Hadzabe cultural tourism experience. Please consult us to book a cultural tour.

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