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Walking Safari

Exceptional opportunity to connect with nature and experience the beauty of Tanzania up-close through these walking safaris. Exploring the highlands, forests, cliffs, bush-lands, rivers, and lakes on foot allows for a deeper appreciation of the landscapes and wildlife that call these areas home.

Walking along the Great Rift Valley escarpments must offer incredible views and a sense of adventure as you traverse terrains that are not accessible by vehicles. Relying on donkeys to carry camping gear, emergency kits, and food adds a rustic charm to the experience and ensures that participants can focus on enjoying the journey.

Meeting up at the end of the walking safari to continue the journey by vehicle provides a nice balance between immersion in nature and ease of travel to the next destination. Participants are sure to create lasting memories and form a deeper connection with the natural world during these walking safaris.

Walking safaris within the national parks will be accompanied by an armed ranger and in remote areas where aggressive wild animals can be. We take your safety very seriously. Karibu!


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